Urine and Odor Treatment

Although common, the reality of urine and other bodily fluids is they must be handled in a specific way. Stains, odors, dilution and sanitation all play into effect. If not treated correctly the carpet may not be as clean as it could. Or the carpet could look great, but a foul odor is still lingering. That’s where Revive Carpet Care’s experience and education comes in. Each situation is different but here are few common scenarios and treatments that can be provided.

Stage 1 The urine has wet the carpet fiber but it was “just a piddle” or the accident was noticed quickly enough to absorb. This can be treated with regular steam cleaning techniques but combined with specialized products to ensure the urine is broken down and removed.

Stage 2 The urine has pooled, wet the carpet fiber and has now soaked down into the underlay and even the subfloor. With time an odor may develop and remain. Using the best products on the market and unique equipment the urine is broken down and removed from the subfloor and underlay. Then the carpet fibres are cleaned as in stage 1. The urine and odors are gone.

Stage 3 The contamination outlined in stage 2 has occurred numerous times in the same area and has been there for extensive periods of time. Definitely accompanied by a strong, foul odor. Stage 2 cleaning techniques can be used and usually be successful. Depending on the situation the work may have to be referred to a Restoration company.